Psychotherapy & Counselling



Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling

Personal Therapy explores any issues in your life that you wish to address. These can range from depression, anxiety, trauma, dissatisfaction, pain, or the search for meaning.

Each person has their own unique way of engaging in this process. Our integrative approach allows for individuality. Working in a supportive, warm, caring, and non-judgmental environment can equip you to engage with your struggle as you discover alternative approaches to moving forward.


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Stress Management & Mindfulness

Stress can come from a multitude of places, whether professional demands, chronic illness, or relationship issues. Research shows it can have a severe impact on our mental and physical wellbeing-affecting energy levels, immune function, cognitive function, productivity and relationships.

By becoming aware of the signs of stress, where the body stores stress, and learning skills to reduce and manage stress, you can make more conscious choices, sleep better, and reduce the fatigue and negative health risks associated with stress.


Workplace Counselling

Our professional lives can present many difficulties that stay with us long after we leave the office. These can be due to interactions with colleagues, employees, leaders, workload or feelings of overwhelm. These may affect our productivity and performance, and overflow into our personal lives with friends and family. Similarly, our personal life can directly affect our professional life. By exploring our professional difficulties, we can move towards increased productivity and professional satisfaction.

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Student Counselling

Student Counselling

Kinship works with students aged 16 upwards. This time of self discovery can be positive for some and difficult for others. As students attempt to make big decisions, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm are often present. These can be intensified by as they mature and begin to become independent.

Our Therapist Rob has over 15 years of working with teenagers in different spheres from youth work, social care, running wellbeing seminars in schools, and two years’ placement as a therapist in a third level institute. He equips students to plan for the future, own their own values and meaning, and make decisions based on the life that they would like to create.


Nature Psychotherapy

Over the last decade there has been an increased movement of psychotherapy into natural spaces, known as Nature Therapy or Ecotherapy. Alongside this, there has been a recognition in the medical field of the benefits of being outdoors.

It is quite common for someone to go for a walk to ‘clear their head’. Nature Psychotherapy incorporates this cathartic response to nature and utilizes it within the therapy process.

Locations such as Phoenix Park, Merrion Square, Marley Park and Ticknock forest are all used by Kinship. Agreements are put in place with clients to ensure the privacy and safety needed to protect the therapeutic process while outdoors. 

Nature Psychotherapy